Abi Hogg Hoofcare
Established 2006
07814 671 823

'I first met Abi in 2009 when she came to trim one of my horses, a 17.2 warmbloood called Romeo who had a severe twist in his left hind. I was astounded at the knowledge, care and genuine interest she had in trying to help him. I had tried various farriers/shoes for him over the three years I had had him at that point but nothing helped and only seemed to cause further issues. Within months of the shoes being off and Abi trimming him, the twist lessened and he became much happier. His muscle build up began to alter in a positive way and he became much stronger, more balanced and more confident in his own movement. The incredible changes continued and I think both myself and Abi were shocked at the degree and swiftness of the improvement! The changes continued until the twist was hardly even noticeable at all. Thanks to Abi he was able to live a pain free, comfortable life and I am deeply grateful to her for that.

I have learnt so much from Abi in the eight years she has been trimming my horses. She has a rare combination of sound scientific knowledge and a genuine care for the horses she trims. She has been so patient and understanding towards my horses, two of which have been very badly treated in the past, that they actually whinny at her when she arrives! The depth and breadth of her scientific understanding is wide, and encompasses all aspects of a horses lifestyle and the implications of that on the hoof and soundness of the horse. I have also found that her ability to explain and share her knowledge is always done in a way that is easily understood and when she is trimming she will always take the time to explain what is happening with the feet and why. I find that invaluable for the ongoing care of my horses as the feet tell us so much about the bigger picture of a horses health status. ' 

EW, Garstang