Welcome to Abi Hogg Hoofcare

Barefoot hoof trimming in the West Yorkshire and Lancashire area.

After training with the AANHCP I became an independent trimmer.  I was a UK instructor for the Equine Sciences Academy and I’m a member of Barefoot Works cooperative. I have a background in horse training and behaviour and often work with equines who struggle with hoof-care through fear, bad-experiences or discomfort. 

I offer qualified, insured and experienced barefoot hoof trimming in the West Yorkshire and Lancashire area.  My approach is to work slowly to allow your horse to adapt to life without shoes, whether it has been shod in the past or not.  

I can advise on all the elements that go to make up successful barefoot living including diet, lifestyle and use of hoof-boots.  I also offer training and education in barefoot hoofcare to owners, students and interested groups and write about horses and hoofcare.

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