Barefoot Trimmer Training

Having been an instructor for the Equine Sciences Academy I’m excited to be putting together a training programme with the other members of Barefoot Works.  I have recently been joined by a new trainee and will soon have a full training programme in place that will fulfil and go beyond the National Occupational Standards developed by LANTRA.  If you are interested in training to become a barefoot trimmer please get in touch.

Clinics and Demonstrations

Over the past decade I have run many clinics and hosted talks and demonstrations, most recently at with Mark Johnson, and Equiculture,   These clinics and demos will make up part of the barefoot trimmer training but are also open to anyone who is interested.  Please check this website for what’s coming up.


I am a qualified teacher and offer lectures and demonstrations to colleges and universities be it BTEC, NVQ, Bachelor or Masters level.  Subjects covered include Managing the Equine Hoof without Shoes, Principles of Barefoot Trimming, Trimming for Hoof Pathologies or any required topic with reference to the unshod hoof.

Talks and Demonstrations

For groups and organisations concerned with equine welfare and interested in finding out more about barefoot hoofcare.   Cost: Up to 2 hour talk or demonstration £50 plus expenses.