Whether your horse is a foal or has been in shoes for most of his life, going barefoot is an option.  If your horse is having ongoing foot problems that are not being helped by conventional hoofcare, barefoot may be worth considering. 

Area covered

I trim across a large part of West Yorkshire and Lancashire. Please contact me to see if you fall within my area of travel.

Appointment times

I trim during the day on weekdays. I try to arrange a time that works for you  and late appointments may be possible depending on numbers and geography.  .After the first visit, I am happy to trim without you there if the horse can cope with that.  


Trimming prices depend on distance travelled and number of horses trimmed. Please contact me to find out.

What to expect on a first visit

I usually give a half hour slot for arrival time and will let you know if I’m running late. The first visit takes up to one and a half hours.   I will take details and a history of your horse and photograph the feet before and after trimming.  I keep the trimming minimal on the first visit unless the foot is very overgrown. I can measure up and advise on hoof boots if required.  I also offer back-up by phone or email Monday to Saturday in between trimming  visits.