I am the author of  ‘The  Horse Behaviour Handbook’ (David & Charles, 2003), which has sold over 25,000 copies, being published in the UK, USA and Canada and translated into Spanish and Norwegian   It was reprinted and published in paperback under the title, ‘Horse Behaviour Exposed’.   I am a contributing author to ‘Ride With Confidence’ (David & Charles, 2004).  I edited and published a quarterly magazine ‘The Natural Horse’ for two years and have written fo r‘Equine Behaviour’, the journal of the Equine Behaviour Forum.  Over the years I have written occasional articles for local newspapers, The Farmers Guardian, specialist magazines.   As a teacher and trainer, I have written training materials and course content for all age groups in a range of subjects, not just horse related.

Signed copies of ‘The Horse Behaviour Handbook’ are available for £20 plus postage or in paperback under the title ‘Horse Behaviour’ Exposed  for £15 plus postage.   If you are interested in a copy of either book, please get in touch.