Abi Hogg Hoofcare
Established 2006
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Having spent the first thirty years of my life around horses, I first heard about barefoot hoofcare in 2001. Up to this point my involvement with horses was mainly through behavioural training and writing. Initially I was intrigued but unconvinced by barefoot; the idea made sense intuitively, but after years of believing that feet needed shoes, it took me six months to get the courage to take off my horses' shoes.

Once shoeless, I began the process of self-education and began maintenance trimming my own horses under supervision. I became increasingly fascinated by the subject and went on clinics, including Pete Ramey's first UK course. As people began to ask me to trim their horses I decided I wanted to be properly trained and qualified and enrolled on the American Association of Natural Hoofcare Practitioners certification programme and was fortunate enough to be taught by Pete Ramey, Todd Jaynes and Jaime Jackson, among others.

I began trimming professionally in June 2006 and now my practice is full-time covering the West Yorkshire and Lancashire areas and also includes giving talks, lecturing and training trimmers. Humane handling is a central part of my work and I have a number of horses on my books who are difficult to trim or shoe. Over the years, amongst many things, I have learnt that Thoroughbreds have good feet, no horse is too big to go barefoot and that feet don't collapse when you take the shoes off. I practise non-invasive trimming, allowing the horse time to adjust and grow the hooves that it needs. 

Abi Hogg